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You want to look and feel great again and that’s exactly what you are going to achieve with Perfect Slimming Nut.

Nuez de la India, also known by the following names: Seed of India, The Indian Walnut, Kimiri, Simillas, Wonder Diet Seed or the Miracle Nut is a 100% natural product (literally a nut from an Indian tree), unprocessed and is packaged without preservatives or chemicals and has been used for hundreds of years to lose weight and maintain an ideal body shape.

It provides basically four wonderful properties that together make the best product to lose weight.

This WONDER DIET SEED is an excellent natural fat burner with a 99% success rate.  No exercise or special diets needed.  You melt fat as you sleep.  That’s correct, you have nothing to lose but those unwanted extra weight.

R350.00 per packet (52 day supply)


Perfect Slimming Nut (Nuez de la India) does not only make slimmer, it also:

  • cleans the intestine
  • reduces body fat
  • reduces cellulite
  • reduces levels of cholesterol and triglycerides
  • tones muscles
  • detoxifies your body
  • reduces anxiety for eating excessively
  • reduces anxiety for smoking
  • and provides many more benefits.
How To Prepare Your Nuts

Your pack consist of 12 nuts.  Start to split the first nut into 8 pieces and for the first 8 nights you will consume 1/8 of a nut every night.  The rest of the nuts you will split into 4 pieces and for the next 44 days you will consume a quarter of a nut every night before you go to sleep.  You will have 52 pieces of nuts which will last you 52 days.

At night, squash the recommended portion of seed between two teaspoons, place it in a glass with boiling water and allow to cool down slightly before you drink it – drink it as hot as possible.

Only drink it at night before you go to sleep and never drink more than a quarter of a nut per day.

Chemical Composition
The oil of this seed contains 77% of polyunsaturated fat, 43% of linoleic acid and 33% of linolenic acid.
The tree is grown in home gardens, naturalized and cultivated in Sri Lanka, southern India, Bangladesh, Amazon and West Indies.

WESTERN FUNCTIONS REPORTED: Anti-infective; anti-mycotic; aperient; aphrodisiac; emollient; laxative; purgative; stimulant; sudorific.

COSMETIC: The oil is used topically to stimulate hair growth in Fiji.

DERMATOLOGICAL: Oil topical for burns, stretch marks, skin fungus, coral cuts, septic wounds.  An ointment is made from the nuts for external ulcers and sores.

DIGESTIVE: Constipation or cleansing [Costa Rica; South America] diarrhea, dysentery, sprue (a tropical digestive disease), stomach ache, voracious appetite;

INFECTION: Sap topical, or ointment made from seeds for external ulcers, infections and sores and fever.

This product is listed and certified by the United States Department of Agriculture and on the Plants Database as a NON TOXIC product. It is a 100% Natural product

Side Effects
  1. During the first days of treatment you will have gas and flatulence. The reason for this is because the seeds will start working in your system to eliminate all the toxins which will generate intestinal gas and many more trips to the bathroom than usual, however once your body starts to release and cleans itself, it should disappear gradually.
  2. During the first few days you might feel some body aches (slight back and arm pain similar to muscle pain from excessive exercise). The aches are part of the process so do not worry as this is a sign that the diet is working.  This should also disappear within a week or two.
  3. Whenever you burn fat in large amounts, you can get headaches due to the presence of ketones (molecules that our bodies produce when we burn large amounts of fat). To help reduce the symptoms I recommend you consume antioxidants and essential fatty acids as are the omega 3 and 6 (soy, fish, corn, squash, fish and nuts) and also recommend eating one or two oranges a day to recover glucose and vitamin C and bananas for potassium.
  4. Fatigue: When we increase our visits to the toilet we can lose potassium levels. Without this mineral we feel exhausted and sleepy.  Do not worry about it, bananas is a rich source of potassium and with only one banana per day, you will be in a perfect condition.
  5. Nuez de la India is a gut irritant, as can be a chilli, a cup of coffee, etc. At night you take a nut of India and in the morning you eat a yogurt and you will feel wonderful.

If you have any medical condition, we strongly recommend you consult with your doctor before starting with our weight loss program (as with any other weight loss program).


Do's and Don't's
  • Do not use the nuts if you are allergic to nuts or omega 3 or omega 6.
  • Do not use the nuts if you have heart, kidney or liver conditions.
  • Do not use the nuts if you’ve had operations performed to your colon.
  • If you leave the nuts for longer than a week, start over with 1/8 again.
  • Do not use in combination with other diet products
  • Drink lots of water and consume fruit and vegetables
  • Try and start your day with a high protein breakfast
  • If you are going to a party and consume alcohol, rather not take the nut that night as it could make you nauseous
  • Never consume more than ¼ of a nut per day
  • Not suitable for children (under 18 years), pregnant women or women that are breastfeeding
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