Our Products

All our products are salon approved, pH balanced and have not been tested on animals.

Perfect Hair Grow Tonic R220 for 200 ml

For fast growing, thicker, healthy and shiny hair and visible results within the first week of application.

  • Natural ingredients
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Stimulates blood circulation on scalp
  • Fights hair loss and boosts hair growth
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Assists hair growth in cancer patients and patients with medical conditions: alopecia, lupus, etc.
  • Very safe, affordable and easy to use
  • Light tonic that doesn’t make hair greasy or sticky or oily
  • Suitable for men, women and children

Available in Normal Tonic, Men’s Tonic and Ethnic Let It Grow Formula (especially developed for ethnic hair with added oils and coconut).


Perfect Hair Grow & Repair Shampoo R165 for 250 ml

  • Formulated to prevent hair loss and will assist with the hair regrowth cycle with the end result being a head of fuller, more voluminous hair
  • Reinvigorates hair follicles and will prevent hair loss while washing hair
  • As a shampoo, Perfect Hair Grow & Repair Shampoo provides a boost in growth without using harmful ingredients
  • Sulphate FREE and protects your hair if you had a Brazilian treatment and will prevent colour-treated hair from fading.
  • Suitable for any hair type that needs restoration from breakage and brittle hair.


Perfect Hair Grow & Repair Conditioner R175 for 250 ml

  • Assists in hair growth
  • Restore hair’s natural fullness and beauty without stripping or drying it
  • Feeds hair and will keep hair healthy and shine
  • Reduce breakage and nourishes scalp to provide ideal base from which healthy hair can grow
  • Gentle formula which is sulphate FREE and is suitable for Brazilian treated hair
  • No harsh ingredients that will strip away hair’s colour and moisture.
  • Ideal for all hair types including relaxed, natural and colour-treated hair
  • Revives your hair and leaves it silky and smooth


Perfect Hair Silver Shampoo R165 for 250 ml

  • New and Improved Formula!
  • Salon-quality shampoo
  • Violet-blue neutralising agent helps reduce undesired yellow tones
  • Will add ash tones
  • Restores pH levels


Perfect Hair Silver Conditioner R175 for 250 ml

  • Restores shiny brightness to high-lighted, grey or blonde hair
  • Eliminates brassy yellow tones from hair caused by bleaching or long exposure to the sun
  • Gives shine and silkiness to your hair


Silver Leave-in Protein R165 for 250 ml

  • Silver Leave-in Protein specifically designed for blonde hair
  • A light leave-in conditioner that can be used prior to chemical proces
  • High level of protein feeds the hair that treats and prevents dryness and split ends
  • Non sticky and non oily
  • Apply to wet hair before styling

Perfect Hair Mask R175 for 150 ml

  • A wonderful concentrated treatment, which help with the repair of split ends, dry, damaged and weak hair
  • To be used once or twice a week
  • Restores the necessary vitamins and essential oils into your hair which is lost due to heat styling, chemical treatments, environmental pollution and exposure to sun and wind
  • Suitable for all hair types (including oily hair)


Perfect Hair Food R175 for 120 ml

  • New and Improved formula!
  • Hair food in a jar specially formulated for ethnic hair
  • To be used daily
  • Locks in moisture to prevent breakage
  • Softens and protects hair
  • Restores damaged hair and split ends
  • Added moisturiser to leave hair healthy, shiny and full of life


Perfect Hair Leave-In Protein R145 for 250 ml

  • A light leave-in conditioner
  • Can be used prior to chemical process
  • High level of protein feeds the hair
  • Treats and prevents dryness and split ends
  • Non sticky, non oily


Perfect Hair Serum Repair Concentrate R145 for 30 ml

  • Solutions for frizzy, rough and dry hair
  • Contains silicone which coats the hair and makes your hair look shiner and feel softer
  • Hair is being protected from damaging factors
  • Prevents and repairs damage and dryness


Perfect Hair Special Treatment R180 for 250 ml

  • A special treatment developed for the unique needs of ethnic hair
  • This non oily treatment will feed the hair and make it very soft
  • Penetrates deep into the hair shaft, protects hair shaft and makes hair more manageable
  • Replace lost moisture and prevent dry and brittle hair
  • Can be used directly after relaxer or colour

Perfect Hair Hairspray R145 for 250 ml

  • A firm hold salon-quality hair spray
  • Shine enhancing
  • Non flaking
  • Non sticky
  • High level of controllability

Perfect Heat Protection Spray R150 for 150 ml

  • Pretty much anything and everything we do to our hair: color it, brush it, style it, takes a toll on our hair. It’s also super easy to prevent this type of damage. All you have to do is make sure you prep your hair with a good heat protectant. Think of this as sunscreen for your hair, an essential protective step to ensure your hair stays soft, strong, and healthy.
  • It also works well to tamp down frizzies and guards against both heat and UV sun damage.
  • No matter whether you’re blow-drying and straightening your naturally curly texture or are using an iron to add definition to your spirals, heat protectants are especially important for those with curly hair and smooth out frizz.
  • Heat protectants are a must for preventing future hair stress.
  • Hair strands are left smoother, softer, shinier, stronger and with more vibrant color.
  • This smoothing detangler and heat protectant, all in one.
  • It is a spray, not an aerosol, which is ideal for those who may be avoiding aerosols for environmental reasons.
  • It is suitable for natural curly hair or straight hair.
  • This is a must have product which is suitable for all hair types.

Perfect Hair Styling Glaze R145 for 250 ml

  • New and Improved formula!
  • The Perfect styling lotion
  • For wet look & for extra volume, blow dry.
  • Combination of oils and gels that helps with manageability without leaving hair sticky and oily.
  • It’s fast drying, styling glaze that is perfect for sculpting or blow-drying your hair
  • 250ml

Perfect Hair Volumiser R140 for 250 ml

  • Back by popular demand
  • New and Improved formula!
  • A light spray for limp, lifeless hair
  • Lifts the roots to give it more volume
  • Leaves hair full of body and bounce
  • Gentle enough to use every day on all hair types
  • The formula penetrates the hair to help increase the diameter of each hair shaft
  • Makes hair appear noticeably fuller
  • Feeds the hair which gives the hair a healthy, shiny look
  • Spray on roots, on wet, towel dried hair and style as desired
  • 250ml

Perfect Beard Cleanser - R185 for 200ml

Contains natural ingredients are an important factor when keeping your beard clean, healthy soft and manageable.
The most important step to maintaining a healthy and nice-looking beard is keeping it clean. 
During the day, your beard collects the microscopic dust and debris that’s constantly in the air. It will prevent the build-up in your pores that can lead to beardruff and acne
Harsh ingredients commonly found in regular shampoo, can irritate and dry out the skin on your face. 
It will also remove bacteria that may cause odours. 
Treat your moustache and beard to a luxurious cleanser, shampoo that is specially formulated to gently cleanse thick and coarse facial hair. 
Apply to moustache and beard; work into a lather and rinse. 
Recommended to be followed with Perfect Beard oil.
Suitable for all skin types.

Perfect Beard Oil - R250 for 100ml

a Conditioner used to moisturize and soften beard hair. It is also effective for moisturizing the skin beneath your beard.
Beard oil keeps the skin underneath your beard supple and healthy. It also reduces the occurrence of beard dandruff and itch.
Perfect Beard will make the beard look fuller, softer and tamer. 
Beard hair tends to be rougher in texture than the hair on your head. Beard oil softens and adds shine to beard hair. It will make the beard look neater and more styled.
All types of skin, including oily skin, need to be nourished and moisturized. If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, try using Perfect Beard oil that contains essential oils with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 
The best time to use beard oil is after showering and shampooing your beard, or after washing your face. Using beard oil when your pores are open will help your skin absorb it efficiently.
You can use beard oil every day or every other day.
When using beard oil, remember not to overdo the amount you use, or your beard will look greasy instead of groomed. 
Put four to six drops of beard oil in the palms of your hands and massage it into your entire beard in a downward motion. Do this when your beard is damp, but not drenched.
Make sure to work it through your entire beard.
If your beard is long or thick, use a comb to make sure the beard oil gets evenly distributed.
You may need more beard oil for a long, thick beard.
Style as needed.
Suitable for all skin types.

Perfect Beard Grow - R220 for 200ml

a Spray on tonic which produces increased beard thickness and makes the beard grow faster. It Improves blood flow to skin and makes beards soft and manageable. 
It will also prevent patchy beard growth and penetrates deeply into the skin to reactivate shrunken hair follicles while increasing the beard’s overall thickness.
Natural ingredients insures no irritation to the skin and also nourishes your skin while relieving itchiness and dryness.
It is easy to apply thanks to a pump applicator and it is non-oily.
Apply and do not rinse off.
Suitable for all skin types.

Perfect Hair fights hair loss and stimulates the blood flow to your scalp, which help nutrients get to your hair follicles more quickly. It improves circulation in the scalp and encourages healthy new hair growth and restores damaged hair and makes the hair thicker, feeding the hair and making it grow incredibly fast.

All natural products. No chemicals added.

In the 1st week of using Perfect Hair you will see the results and you will feel the difference in your hair.