I’m not sure what the content is of the tonic but after just one day of use I comb my hair with not a single hair strand left behind on the comb or brush.  And my scalp has this tingly sensation.

Gilian, Cape Town

That stuff is really good, I can see little hair coming out

Wynette, Port Elizabeth

My mom is using the hair tonic everyday – I suppose we must be patient because the bald patches have been there for quite a while – what I’ve noticed is that many tiny white pores have appeared – which means that the scalp is responding to the tonic.

Julian, Athlone

I put some tonic onto my sister’s receding hair lines and there is like small bumps like something trying to push out.

Ash, Chatsworth

It works perfectly I can see the difference now thanks to Perfect Hair Growth

Stebie, Port Elizabeth

Good evening, I have very brittle hair and was about to cut off all my hair then a friend of mine told me just to try, well i tried and even told my mother to try and was very impressed with the results. My deepest gratitude to Perfect Hair growth tonic.

Leezille, Queenstown

Hallo daar. Ek wil nog bestel, myne is amper op en ek sien ‘n groot verskil. Ek wil asb 2 bottels bestel die keer.

Sareen, Strand

My seun het die haarproduk by jou bestel en is baie tevrede. Ek wil graag nog 2 bottels bestel – 1 man en 1 vrou.

Lynette, Wellington

It is very true, this product really does wonders after only two months of applying it I have seen a tremendous growth and I am very happy indeed.  I am so happy, my hair has never been this long.

Angel, Port Elizabeth

Wow it really works.

Maureen, Gelvandale

I’m really enjoying the product, once I had lifeless hair and now I have almost full growth and it’s growing so fast.  I’m really excited about these amazing products.

Selvie, Durban

I am still using the hairgrow product as well and my hairdresser cut my hair a month ago.  With your product that I am using, it has now grown back to the same length.  This tonic makes my hair shine and I can definately see the difference especially with me having thyroid problems.  My hair use to be dry and brittle due to thyroid.

Tasneem, Port Elizabeth

Will be sure to order again.  Your products are awesome.  My hair looks great and grew so fast.

Thabi, Springbok

Thanks for introducing this wonderful product to me. I really saw the results in one week

Charmaine, Uitenhage

It’s my first time seeing an a true Ad…i almost lose my hair, friend of mine introduced me to your magic products thanks to my friend and to your product.

Liyema, Hermanus

Beste haar produkte ooit! Jy sal nie spyt wees nie:) my hare is voller,sagter,lager en vol glans:)

Chezare, Cape Town

I love my hair.  It grows.

Susan, Hopetown

I must tell you I washed my hair after using the tonic for a week and it really came out lovely.  My hairline is back 🙂

Sameera, Port Elizabeth

Hierdie produkte is great, ek love dit en my hare voel so lekker!  Sal definitief weer bestel!

Suzie, Roodepoort

My hair was so damaged.  There is a big improvement.  My hair was falling out when I comb but now the hair falling is much less.

Mrs Maduna, Port Elizabeth

One of my clients just let me know how good the tonic is – she has been using it for 4 days and already sees a big difference.  Thank you Perfect Hair.

Dalmaine, Paterson

Just for the record! You product works awesome! Been washing the past 4 nights and my hair is softer than a babies bottom 🙂 Haven’t been like this in ages.  Really struggled to get a good product.  Keep up the good work.

Leandra, Van der Bijlpark

Wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with the hair tonic.  Even my hairdresser asked for your number to give her clients.  Thanks for a great product.

Celize, Uitenhage

I love the tonic.  I will be ordering again and will also try the volumiser when my hair is long.  Thanks so much for your product.  I have been battling for years with hair growth, and finally the struggle is over.  I cannot wait to reach my new goal.

Hazel, Johannesburg

I found out about your product from an advertisement on Facebook and I would definitely order again!  If this product didn’t work for hair growth (which it does) I would still use it because it’s given my hair body from the root, nourishes my hair and has made it more manageable.

Merlyn, Rondebosch

This product is awesome.  The results were surprisingly good seeing as my hair usually takes forever to grow.  Thank you, I will definitely refer you to my friends.

Gail, Durban

Thank you.  I enjoy using the hair grow tonic and have been seeing amazing results even when I don’t use it on a daily basis.

Shawney, Roodepoort

Hi there.  Just wanted to let you know that my aunty who has been losing her hair due to medical reasons started using your tonic and can see little fine hairs in the places she lost hair.  And she tried all sorts of oils and herbals before that didn’t work. Thank you for a great product.

Kereena, Durban